Given below are 2 Different Clickers which can Click as You Would like to Auto Click & More at

Auto Clicker for Macintosh by

Automate Mouse and Keyboard on your Mac Running 10.5 Onward on 64 Bit Version. Given below Screenshot Displays Simple and Easy to use Mac Automatic Mouse Clicker.

Main Screen of Auto Clicker for Apple Macintosh

Close Look at Mouse and Keyboard Actions

Given below screenshot displays what all Mouse and Keyboard Actions as visible in the Drop Down.

Mouse and Keyboard Actions which can be Automated

Software Tutorial

Learning this Mac Application can be real fun and easy. Know more about this Mac Automation Tool, or read on to know what all this nifty Macintosh Application can do for you.

Clicker to Click on Current Mouse Cursor Location

When you Just Want your Mouse to do Clicking at Your Mouse Cursor Location, the Mac Clicker can be of real Help.

Main Screen of Mac Clicker for Apple Macintosh

Or Record Mouse and Keyboard Actions and then Play them

You can also record your Mouse and Keyboard Actions with Macro Recorder for Mac and then Play the Recorded Mouse Clicks, Movements, Time Delay and everything else.

Macro Recorder for Apple Mac OS X

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